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Connect with Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic can be very helpful – or hurtful. The inner critic can help you to become a better person / manager / partner; or can keep you from growing -letting life and opportunity pass you by. The difference? How you connect with, relate with, and respond to your inner critic. Take the critic and make her an ally.

Just as you would develop a relationship with a friend, connecting to and turning your critic into an ally takes time and deliberate focus. The result is a more creative, innovative, and healthier you!

How to develop a healthy relationship with your inner critic

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The Prelude To Virtual Trust – Mindset

Connecting to others in the virtual workforce is an art. It begins with having the right mindset. Even before taking step one in building rapport, you need to start with a prepared but blank canvas.

That prepared canvas includes a list of attributes that may be challenging to most of us, especially in the current culture of ‘trust no one’ in the corporate realm. The blank canvas refers to the absence of judgment before getting to know the other person.

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Present spontaneously through practice

Have you ever attended a presentation and been awed by how easily the keynote speaker engages you and how comfortable she seems? She speaks without looking at notes or her slides. It’s as if she’s having a conversation with just you and everything she says is off the top of her head. Do you wish you could be that spontaneous?

Would you be surprised to find out that those presenters are not spontaneously presenting? They practice and prepare more than the average presenter. That is why the moved from average to exceptional.

You can present with impact and confidence by using this four step approach.

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