Business not going as planned?

Of course not!

There’s nothing normal about what’s happening right now. Obviously.

That conference you scheduled next month – canceled. Your vacation plans – canceled. Your clients – staying home.

business not going as planned? try this.

Though some indies are busier than normal, many are struggling to stay productive and motivated.

These 5 questions can help bust through what may be blocking you and help you set a course for success:

1. How are you defining success? Things have changed. Have you adjusted your definition of success to match the current situation? Is it reasonable? Is it something that is important to you? How will you know when you achieve this success?

2. What’s the current gap? How far off are you from achieving this well defined success? Is your success so far off in the future that it’s almost impossible for you to reach it? Do you know the steps you need to take to close that gap? Map out the steps as you would plan your drive to your favorite vacation spot.

3. What’s in your way? If you haven’t already achieved success, what’s stopping you? What are the obstacles that stand between where you are right now and the success ‘finish line?’ Is it a lack of time? Do you need resources, clarity, knowledge, or skills? Maybe your ‘give a damn’ is broken? Explore all possibilities and identify all obstacles.

4. What’s within your control? We’re always facing obstacles, now more than ever. What’s important at this point is to separate what you have control over and what you do not. Your  energy (physical, mental, emotional) is best spent on things you can influence and control. And as an indie business, the best use of your energy is focused on those things within your control relating to your definition of success.

5. What can you do right now – this very minute? It’s great to think about a future with less constrains. But you can’t wait until that future arrives to take action. Yes, you need to keep the future, big picture in mind. And – you need to take action now toward that future. Don’t get caught up in planning what you’ll do in the future when things are ‘normal?’ Cause there’s a lot of uncertainty about the future and what normal will be like. The future is changing minute by minute. Waiting until all the information is collected before taking action will keep you stalled in one place for a very long time. Focus on now. What can you do right now to move forwrad?

Working as an indie professional can be frustrating, uncertain, and isolating. If you need someone in your corner to help you think through these steps and head in a better direction:

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