Everyday Questions for Success

Whether you want to challenge yourself with one question a day, or get a boost forward in a specific situation, these questions will help you grow yourself, your team, and your business.

Now you have, in this collection, the power of those same questions to move you and your business forward.

Everyday Storytelling for Success

You don’t need to be a keynote speaker to be a good storyteller.

No matter where you are in your career, the odds are high that you need to influence your peers, your boss, or your customers, to achieve your desired success. Storytelling is neither natural for everyone nor actively taught in schools or business training programs. Everyday Storytelling for Success fills that void.

Everyday Storytelling Workbook

Packed with enough material to fill a multi-day workshop, this workbook is the next best thing to executive coaching. It expands on the elements of conversation and story from the book: Everyday Storytelling for Success and challenges you to make significant shifts in the way you approach conversations.The journey to success requires digging deep and building strong storytelling muscles.