Books by Linda

Everyday Questions for Success

365 Powerful Questions to Inspire Business and Personal Growth

Powerful questions are used by business leaders, consultants, coaches and project managers to solve problems, move work forward, overcome obstacles, grow their businesses and their people.

Now you have, in this collection, the power of those same questions to move you and your business forward.

Each question is like a 6 minute bootcamp for your brain.

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Everyday Storytelling for Success

Change the conversation to improve your career and life.

You don’t need to be a keynote speaker to be a good storyteller.

No matter where you are in your career, the odds are high that you need to influence your peers, your boss, or your customers, to achieve your desired success. Storytelling is neither natural for everyone nor actively taught in schools or business training programs. Everyday Storytelling for Success fills that void

Available in ebook(various) and print (Amazon)

Everyday Storytelling Workbook

Months of Coaching in a Book!

A blend of leadership development, communication strategy, and executive coaching, Everyday Storytelling Workbook is the perfect companion to Everyday Storytelling For Success and guides you to change your conversations, build trust, and connect with those important to your success.

This workbook is a hands-on guide of discovery, craft, and practice of storytelling by experimenting with both small daily changes and deep dive challenges all working toward mastering the skills of connecting to and inspiring others through powerful storytelling.

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Sweet and Salty

Words to flavor your day.

Wisdom comes in many flavors. Sometimes sweet, other times salty.

At times we need something sweet, encouraging, a pat on the back, akin to a verbal hug. Other times, that sweet motivation doesn’t work and what we need is something a bit salty, a dose of reality, a verbal shove in the right direction.

There is only one goal with this book: help you choose the attitude that keeps you moving forward. It may be in fun, but it has a real impact.

What you do with your sweet and salty words from here is up to you.

Available in ebook(various) and print (Amazon)