Being fully focused.

Nothing compares to that moment in a conversation when you are fully and completely focused on the other person – and they know it. Unless you are the other person who feels heard and understood. 

That power goes deep into who we are as humans. Connecting to one another in conversation. Affirming our importance in this world and to one another.

This is being fully focused in conversation, and it takes practice. It’s especially difficult during remote conversations.

One of the most important things I’ve missed in these months of being fully remote, it’s having that fully focused conversation.

Remote settings take extraordinary practice and skill to make the deeper connection. 

“The meeting of two eternities, the past and the future… is precisely the present moment.”

Henry David Thoreau

There are many opportunities to strengthen the focus muscle throughout our day. It doesn’t need to be in conversation!

We can experience every moment more deeply, add more sweetness to life itself, all by being fully focused.

Ever notice that when you are in full focus mode, you shut off other distractions? 

Like closing your eyes while enjoying one bite of something amazing? That artisan chocolate maybe? 

Or stopping in your tracks, walking past a restaurant to savor the aroma escaping from the door?

These are all moments we want to be fully present, fully focused. 

The more you do this during your day, the more comfortable you’ll be focusing in your conversations – even remote ones.

Think about your most recent video meeting. Was there an opportunity to focus? Did you?

What if, in your very next video conversation, you put down the pen and paper, remove all distractions, and look directly at the other person as if you were looking into their eyes? [Look into the camera, not the screen] Would it change the conversation?

I admit it’s awkward. Which is why so many fully focused coaches choose audio only. What if, once in a while, we let go of having to see everyone on video and instead truly listen and be fully focused on their voice, tone, and words?

Being fully present in the moment can change the way you experience conversations, your work, and your life. The present only comes around once. Now is your chance to make it count.