Back to School – The School of Life

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”
~Albert Einstein

The kids are back. Now it’s your turn.

Refresh your productivity with the excitement of ‘back to school.’

I know you can feel the excitement in the air – even at your age. The smell of newly sharpened pencils. The feel of a fresh new notebook waiting for your brilliance to appear like magic in it’s pages. The anticipation felt standing on the corner waiting for the school bus. Who will your teacher be this year? What will you learn?

New Semester in the School of Life

Why does this renewed annual excitement about learning have to stop after graduation? I say it’s time to start a new semester in the school of life. As adults we have a choice to continue learning and growing or to be left behind.

Here’s a back to school checklist for the school of life

  • Choose your major. What is the next step in your career? Will you be making a switch or moving further down your current path? Do you want to infuse creativity into your work? Or maybe you want to learn something completely unrelated to work!
  • Meet with your advisor. Whether it is a coach, mentor, or advisor, it is critical to your success to have support on your learning path. It is especially recommended if you have been out of school for some time.
  • Identify your graduation requirements. You are writing this education plan – it’s your choice. What does it mean to ‘graduate’ from this ‘school of life’ program? Create a multiple step plan so you know what comes next.
  • Select your first class. It’s time to take action! Register for your first class. Whether it is through self study or a formal training program, make the commitment!
  • Gather your supplies. Do you need books, software, paints, other supplies? Use this as a way to motivate yourself and increase the excitement. Get a new pen, (This is my favorite step!)

Set yourself up for success

In addition to the checklist for prior to the start of school, it’s also important to consider the days following. One reason we learn so much in school is due to structure.

  • Set up a specific day and time you will ‘go to class’ each week.
  • Include accountability in your program by either working with a coach, or with an accountability partner.
  • Set clear goals so you know when you successfully complete the course requirements.

What do you need to refresh your productivity? What do you need to open your mind to learning? Are you ready to go back to school…the school of life? We’re holding a chair open for you.