Audiobooks for hard times

During the coronavirus pandemic, it became increasingly difficult to focus. I turned to audiobooks to feed my brain and my soul.

Listening to the narrators (sometimes the authors themselves) helps to satisfy the connection we crave while isolated. I sip from these books daily, savoring the words like an extra old brandy.

Simple Rules

How to thrive in a complex world.

My interest in this book stems from my desire to simplify all aspects of my life and business and focus my energy on the essentials.

On Grief and Grieving

Finding the meaning of grief through the five stages of loss.

I found this book after reading an article in the Harvard Business Review: That discomfort you’re feeling is grief.

Stillness is The Key

The third in the trilogy, this audiobook is a touchstone for the everyday philosopher. It’s especially helpful in times of crisis. Small sips work best.


The proven power of being kind to yourself.

There is enough negativity and judgement in the world. This book is helpful to build inner strength instead of beating ourselves up all the time!

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