Are you a successful presenter?

flickr photo courtesy of Holly Nicole

flickr photo courtesy of Holly Nicole

Failure IS an option.

Winston Churchill said success is to go from one failure to another failure without losing your enthusiasm.

So to become a successful presenter, if you fail, you can not give up. Actually, you need to fail to become better.

Even the most influential presenters don’t change every person in the audience.

Is every single person in your audience changed by your idea?

Of course not.

But with each presentation you learn something new. Whether it is about yourself, about your audience, or about the situation.

You take that new knowledge and fold it into your next presentation.

Big change happens when small incremental changes are strung together over time.

You can move from an average presenter to a master presenter. But you have to start.

You have to try. You have to fail. You have to learn. You have to change. You have to do it again and again.

It’s not just about practicing over and over to deliver one talk. It’s about putting all your talks over months and years together to make a change. It’s about delivering talk after presentation after talk – over your lifetime.

Master presenters and communicators didn’t get that way after a 2 day seminar. They grew over time.

Are you a successful presenter? Do you want to be? What are you willing to do to become a master?

What are you willing to do to change the world (or at least your corner of it) with your ideas?