Alternatives to PowerPoint – Whiteboarding

Go Without Slides!

When I say alternatives to PowerPoint, what I really mean is going without slides of any kind. Go without slides? Are you crazy? Yes! I am. And I want you to be a little crazy too.


One way to drop the slides is to go Whiteboarding. Whiteboarding is to traditional PowerPoint presentations as snowboarding is to traditional skiing. It’s a bit more of a wild ride, sometimes less polished, but usually effective.

There are several great examples of white board presenting. Some presenters prep the content before their delivery (similar to creating your slides before you present) and others start with a blank page.

The value of Whiteboarding is that it allows the presenter to communicate flow and direction; add emphasis; and engage the audience by creating anticipation (what will he draw next?). Though you could do that with a flipchart, the benefit to whiteboarding is you can erase! Removing content is as dramatic as adding content.

Consider how you could use whiteboarding in your next presentation while you enjoy this example from Brian Deese and the White House!