Hello, brilliant.

I know you have important work to do. We need your brilliance in the world – we’re counting on you to develop the genius within.

I’m Linda DeLuca. Some call me ‘The People Whisperer,’ some call me their ‘Secret Weapon.’ What do I do?

I help independent professionals get their ideas (aka brilliance!) out of their heads and into the world – growing themselves and their business.

I write articles & books, create courses & workshops, and provide  group & one-on-one coaching –  all in an effort to help you design your unique experience of:

1) How to work. How exactly is the best way for you to get your ideas out of your head? Let’s explore how to get you to work on the right thing at the right time for the right reason and in the right way – for you.

2) How to communicate. Once your idea is out of your head, you need to get it into the world. Whether it’s a one-to-one conversation or a keynote speaking event, you need to connect in a simple and clear way that resonates.

What’s it like working with me?

As your coach, I’ll challenge you; question you; keep you focused; and push you when you’re uncomfortable. I’ll also provide new perspectives; share observed patterns; and remind you of your strengths. Clarity comes with action: I’ll ask you to take responsibility for your choices and actions.

Global Reach, Local Touch

Through the magic of technology, I work with individuals across the globe. My approach crosses time and space, creating a feeling of local connectedness.

When we talk, I’m 100% focused on you.

The Bio

In 2007, after years of working in corporate as an employee, I chose to become an independent (indie) consultant and work remotely. With that decision came an exciting journey complete with obstacles, restrictions, excitement, opportunities and learning,  (lots of learning).

I discovered the definition of work was changing and requires a different set of skills (as an indie and as a remote worker.)

Because I have such a love of learning, I set out to discover, develop, and share what it takes to make it as an independent and remote professional.

One thing stood out: the need to invest -substantially and consistently – in growing ourselves in order to succeed.

Experience & Education

With more than 25 years of business experience in executing a multitude of functions across diverse industries, you could say I’ve studied at the school of life.

From financial analysis in corporate budgeting and planning, to project and portfolio management  to corporate-wide change implementation and helping grow a solo-business into a small business, my corporate and indie life has provided me with the rich experience of walking a mile in a number of different people’s shoes.

Even with an Ivy League education from The Wharton School, I’ve learned the hard way (through experience) that mastering ourselves and our conversations are the foundation to succeeding as an indie professional.

Of course, my formal education was invaluable and it’s the combination of knowledge and experience that creates real wisdom.

My preference for efficiency and processes was taken to a new level when I earned a Green Belt in Process Design Excellence. That coupled with my love of technology (I ‘m just geeky enough to be dangerous) has proven invaluable to my consulting clients and my own business.

Of course the most complex aspect of work is human behavior. Psychology and human behavior has always interested me for personal reasons and folding that into the mix provided the missing element.  I studied at The University of Pennsylvania in Organizational Dynamics and continued to earn the Professional Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation.

With this mix of process design, business acumen, love of technology and curiosity about human behavior, I bring a unique perspective to my body of work and in helping my clients.

Still curious?

I look forward to connecting with you.