5 tips for virtual team success

Team Success is Everyone’s Job

Recently I participated in a virtual team kick-off meeting. It was a wonderful event for those who attended. But as we look at the project going forward, I wonder how we will build a sense of team and a high functioning team in this virtual space. I started to list my concerns and the possible actions I (and the team) could take to set ourselves up for success.

  • 1. Concern: people don’t show up for meetings
    • Action: share the responsibility of coordinating the meeting.
  • 2. Concern: people don’t participate.
    • Action: have (or build) strong facilitation skills to draw out and engage everyone.
  • 3. Concern: full team events happen infrequently
    • Action: create a meeting schedule at kick-off and issue appointments to block calendars.
  • 4. Concern: building trust
    • Action:  consistency builds familiarity which builds trust, do what you say you’ll do!
  • 5. Concern: People don’t deliver
    • Action: zero tolerance. Agree up front to accountable and consequences.

Bottom line: Set expectations up front. Keep to those expectations. Adjust expectations as a group. Stay in touch!

Team success is everyone’s responsibility. Don’t expect the team leader to shoulder all of the burden. YOU are just as responsible.

Challenge: What are your concerns when working on a virtual team? List your concerns AND list the action you will take to address these concerns. Share them in the comments!

your executive coach,