4 Steps to Ignite Your Career With Masterminds


Bring innovation and creativity to the boardroom table – and ignite your career!

Do you wish you could spend your days learning new things? Keeping up on all of the new technology? Assessing the latest management trends? Interpreting the latest research in human behavior? Are you laughing right now because you barely have time to answer your email inbox, let alone do research and critical analysis?

Enter the New Mastermind Group

Change is happening at a faster and faster pace, and our brains are not keeping up. But I have an idea. Why not share the burden? Why not collaborate, divide, and conquer the vast amount of information?

Create an Ignite Mastermind Group

Here’s the idea:

1. Gather a group of motivated individuals from different organizations to allow you to expand your center of excellence beyond your corporate walls. Of course if you are an indie professional, you can exponentially expand your center of excellence!

2. Assign a topic or industry to each person. Deciding on the topics, trends, or areas of interested needs to be done by the group. Consider assigning an area or industry, or even a book or event to each person. Think of it as a newspaper with the different sections to cover a broad variety of topics.

3. Each member researches their topic and prepares a ignite style presentation. Ignite structure includes 20 slides presented for 15 to 20 seconds each. It’s fun, energetic, and designed to ignite the audience and inspire thought and action.

4. Have a weekly (or bi-weekly) meeting where each member gives their ignite presentation. Allow time for discussion and brainstorming.

Challenge: Take the first step to start you own Ignite Mastermind Group. Identify 5 individuals who you think may be interested in participating in this experiment. Bring human powered search to the Mastermind.

your executive coach,