365 day ‘take action’ challenge

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It’s a new year and with it comes the feeling of a fresh start, a clean slate on which to create your life. I believe existence precedes essence and that we become what we practice. It is with daily action that we can each become. By taking action with purpose (as defined by your chosen theme) you choose who you become with greater awareness. Make this year the year you bring to the surface that authentic, powerful, creative, unique person that you have inside.

If you have completed your ‘year in review’ journey from the previous post  make your new year resolution an evolution, you have your theme for the year. Now it is time to make this theme a reality. It is time to take action with purpose. How you do this will depend upon your theme. What I want to do is share with you my journey of 365 days of creativity.


I declared that my theme for this year as creativity. To move this intention into action with purpose, I am committing to tweet my daily #creativity intention and include those tweets here. I am hoping that by doing so I can inspire you to take action with purpose as well as keep myself accountable and focused on my intention.  My guidepost is creativity (a skill), but my actions will be to create (action) on a daily basis.


One of the many reasons we (I) fail to achieve new years evolutions is that the expectations and energy are very high during January, but quickly dip low in February, March and often are completely gone in April. That is why my approach is to take one small step every day to create. This is a change I want to have become part of who I am, not something that will end on December 31st. Therefore, each day a small stepping stone will be laid, one after the other until the path becomes a foundation, a part of who I am.


One way to stay motivated and to infuse a steady stream of inspiration for your theme is to find how it manifests itself in the world in other places. For example, for me to stay motivated and inspired to create, I will look at ways that creativity is being used all around me in my work, my home, and places that I may not have previously considered.  Consider your theme. Where do you see it in others’ lives? In the world around you? Is that manifestation attractive to you? Do you want to try and include it in your practice?

you are not alone

The road ahead in the coming year is unknown. But you still have a choice to take action with purpose. Each day is a new opportunity to follow your chosen theme. No one will be perfect. There will be days without creativity for me. It isn’t about being perfect, it is about making choices, taking action, and becoming the person you have the potential to become. If you become discouraged, need inspiration or motivation, or want to share your progress and successes, please either comment here or send me a DM (direct message) on twitter at LindaDeLuca (we’ll have to follow each other first) or send a message at ‘ask the coach’. We are all connected and influence each other as we go through life. Join me in the challenge – 365 days focused on your chosen theme. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and we’ll learn a lot about ourselves and the world around us.

Updates: Here are the daily twitter posts

  • Day 1 of the year of #creativity – create space for all to come on the new year. Start with putting away holiday decorations!
  • Day 2 of the year of #creativity. Brainstorm a list of ways to create and add value for my clients #planning (have a need or idea? DM me)
  • Day 3 of #creativity. Creating order from the chaos of receipts (my accountant will be happy about this).
  • Day 4 of #creativity in multiple parts – creating a zen like office. Starting with scanning then shredding paperwork!
  • Day 5 #creativity zen office cont: too much paper to scan-shred. 2day changing incoming paper (statements, docs, mags) to ecopy.
  • Day 6 of #creativity is all about creating connections! email, twitter, #in, skype. clients, biz prtnrs. Who R U connecting 2?
  • Day 7 #creativity. Part 2 of creating a zen office. Removing all gadgets I don’t use!
  • Day 8 #creativity: action with purpose! 2011 biz plan done, reviewed, and in progress. Thx to dashboard and accountability coach
  • Day 9 #creativity: Learning from the master: Yalom. Finished reading Staring At the Sun http://amzn.to/eW6qP3#existential
  • Day 10 #creativity. Creating order from chaos. Putting all notes, to-dos, in one place: #RememberTheMilk great tool for anywhere workers
  • Day 11 #creativity – creating awareness of the fight for public broadcasting. Please take actionhttp://170millionamericans.org/
  • Day 12 #creativity – creating inspiration to take proactive action in networking (do it before you need a job)
  • day13 #creativity. does making brownies count? if not, l hope today’s post will create action for you http://tinyurl.com/azione30
  • day 14 #creativity – today is about creating clarity in the written word – clarity, say it with me!
  • Day 15 #creativity – refueling the creativity bucket by reading ‘If You Want to Write’ by Brenda Ueland http://amzn.to/e2COBG
  • Day 16 #creativity (yesterday) continued zen office creation by gathering books to be donated to library (slow but necessary process)
  • Day 17 #creativity – creating realistic expectations about getting things done – I’m only one person 😉
  • Day 18 #creativity – creating new connections with great bloggers and members of @alistblogging
  • Day 19 #creativity – learning from others how they are creative thru the conversations at http://www.bloggymoms.com/
  • Day 20 #creativity – good karma ripple started. If you love books check out: http://www.thebookbuff.blogspot.com/
  • Day 21 #creativity = tapping into inspiration and energy from@alistblogging master class today. Long list of ideas and improvements!
  • Day 22 #creativity – opening eyes and hearts. There is always another way of looking at things.
  • Day 23 #creativity (yesterday) was all about the family – and play-doh. enough said.
  • Day 24 #creativity is about NOT planning, but rather letting creativity happen naturally – just do
  • Day 25 #creativity – used mindmap to create vision of new product! can’t wait to start developing it!
  • Day 26 #creativity – made new connections with local professionals in many different creative professions! Who are you connecting with?
  • Day 27 #creativity – recognized that my creativity faucet was turned off <sigh>
  • Day 28 #creativity – created a mess in my office in an attempt to become more organized. chaos before order? sure, why not.
  • Day 29 #creativity – revised weekly dashboard and it inspired me to create a better plan for next week’s intentions! #productivity
  • Day 30 #creativity – creating powerful questions for goal setting lesson plan – stay tuned!
  • Day 31 #creativity – check out this new post – it will help with day 32 and beyond http://tinyurl.com/azione35
  • Day 32 #creativity. created action for a client. What action did you take toward your 2011 guiding theme? http://tinyurl.com/azione35
  • Day 33 #creativity – creating space by replacing hardcopy classics with ebooks – amazon free ebooks http://amzn.to/iezVTv
  • Day 34 #creativity-shared my tips for getting the clutter out of your (home) office (part1) http://tinyurl.com/azione36
  • Day 35 #creativity – created an extra hour for biz partner and self by cutting weekly meeting short! when you’re done, you’re done!
  • Day 36 #creativity – joined others in the Bow Wow Bone-Anza at Huntsville Botanical Gardens – creating a tail wagging good time!
  • Day 37 #creativity – today is about creating calm
  • Day38 #creativity. brainstorming pilot process for www.coaches-without-borders.org with @DebDenis – #collaborationPower
  • Day39 #creativity – learning from a bright, fresh writer @samarowais– check out her work http://thewritingbase.com/
  • Day40 #creativity – creating excitement and possibilities for a client who is going to start and grow the business of her dreams! woohoo!
  • Day 41 #creativity – sitting on the floor in the middle of my new zen office – only have 2 things to arrange – can’t decide. LOL
  • Day42 #creativity – Rituals: creative productivity on demandhttp://tinyurl.com/azione38 (day 42 – special? hmm)
  • Day 43 #creativity – creating awareness weekly for you! would love it if you signed up http://eepurl.com/mv4L (bonus tool included)
  • Day 44 #creativity – totally unplugged ‘sharpen the saw’ day (remember that from 7 habits?) What did U do this week to sharpen your saw?
  • Day 45 #creativity – I’ve got nothing today. really. nothing. ever have a day like that? it’s o.k. -this too shall pass
  • Day 46 #creativity by inspiration: Pres Medal of Freedom Recipients. Especially inspired by Maya Angelou http://tinyurl.com/28fpoul
  • Day 47 of #creativity was focused on remembering the creative life of a loved one who is now gone.
  • Day 48 #creativity -I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.-Abe Lincoln (new perspective created)
  • Day 49 #creativity – collaborating with @debdenis on a webinar for the http://www.coaches-without-borders.org/ pilot. Making it real!
  • Day 50 #creativity – creating a habit of morning meditation and visualization
  • Day 51 #creativity applied to tax prep – created a tax receipt bingo game to help me match receipts to expenses (sad, I know)
  • Day 52 #creativity – tip: looking for a different way of doing things? try doing the exact opposite of your current habit.
  • Day 53 #creativity – creating connections for the coaches-without-borders.org pilot – with @debdenis
  • Day 54 #creativity – finding my zen in creating presentation for coaches-without-borders.org
  • Day 55 #creativity- today created more questions than answers. That’s good, right? Now I know what to do tomorrow (discover answers)
  • Day 56 #creativity – was (forgot to post) challenge yourself to try something new!
  • Day 57 #creativity was about finding new enthusiasm in thinking about the possibilities.
  • Day 58 #creativity – I’m now a Mac! I feel more creative already…
  • Day 59 #creativity – using free-writing to ‘prime the pump’ of creative inspiration. what do you use to tap into your creativity?
  • Day 60 #creativity. Used morning meditation to be open to writing topics. Jumped to laptop and started writing 5 articles! Powerful!
  • Day 61 #creativity – turning routine tasks into creative work by 1. making it a game and 2. looking for better ways to do tasks!
  • Day 62 #creativity – being open to new way of seeing things via @artizencoaching Right-Brain Business Plan Eventshttp://bit.ly/dXbPWy
  • Day 63 #creativity – great brainstorming session with my coach – have a great approach for an idea that has been bubbling in my brain!
  • Day 64 #creativity – while reading ‘brains on fire’ – considering changing the ‘creativity’ challenge to ‘inspiring’ challenge.
  • Day 65 #creativity – inspiring community with friends – supporting friends with laughter – inspired by friends.
  • Day 66 #creativity – avoid indecision-doubt-fear and get into creative action! http://tinyurl.com/azione44 (new post)
  • Day 67 #creativity – finding opportunities in the most unlikely places
  • Day 69 #creativity – part of one approach is to let ideas marinate for a while to allow creativity to get ‘juicy’ – mmmm
  • Day 68 #creativity – letting go of being time bound – and I lost track of time. day 69 posted before 68. maybe I marinated too long LOL
  • days 70-73 #creativity have all run together. working on an inspirational presentation for a conversation at villanova.
  • Day #74 Creativity – give the creative process time – in between the work hours – so that the inspiration can come
  • Day #74 creativity – learning from each other to see creativity in a new way – http://azione-scopo.com/villanova
  • Day #75 creativity – reminded today – i need patience when in the middle of the creative process. Creativity is not on demand
  • Day 76 #creativity – is your creativity on spring break? Do those ‘batch process’ tasks. be patient. Creativity will return.
  • Day 77 #creativity – find creative ways to give your clients what they need. Not every client will fit neatly into your program. Help them!
  • Day 78 – 81 of #creativity – created the ‘present with impact guidebook’ for the villanova live gang http://azione-scopo.com/villanova/

26 MAR 2011 Update: As part of my personal quarterly review, I recognized that a daily tweet was not sustainable. However, I am still focusing on creativity every day. I’ll just share my creativity focus less often (1 or 2 tweets / week on #creativity).

  • Days 82-85 #creativity – exercising my right brain with Right Brain Business Planning – from @artizencoaching – it’s a workout!
  • days 86-88 #creativity – meditation leads to calm and centered state of mind which leads to bursts of creative ideas, blog posts, and leads
  • Days 89 – 94 #creativity: the chaos of the initial creative process is morphing into a more organized chaos. new products taking shape!
  • Days 95 – 101: no tweets, but a great deal of creativity – offline!
  • day 102 #creativity – missed a few days, but today I’m wonder: what makes someone an artist? the artist? the art? the benefactor?
  • I’m following so many people that are showing and sharing their#creativity – just want to say thanks! It inspires more than you know.
  • day 104 #creativity – looking for creative ways of approaching obstacles in relationships – sending love and lite for now…
  • is #creativity a mindset, a process, a way of being, an action? what?
  • day 105 #creativity – learning to use wacom tablet – i need lots of practice!
  • day 111 #creativity inspire your own creativity by helping others to express theirs. #presentationyou pilot underway! woohoo!
  • day 116 #creativity – experimenting with marathon blog day. writing several posts at once. 3 lattes and i’m ready to rock the casbah! LOL
  • day 177 how would you finish this statement: an ounce of #creativity is worth a pound of ……
  • phillydesign Danya Henninger

    Commentary RT @LindaDeLuca: how would you finish this statement: an ounce of creativity is worth a pound of ……
  • day 121 #creativity – out of great adversity (#tornado #alabama) comes great creativity. Finding creative ways to do essentials

19 MAY Update: I guess my creativity was interrupted more than I realized after the super tornado storms in April. But I am getting back to creativity because it still is important – maybe even more so after experiencing the storms. Thanks for your patience!

  • day 139 setting limits to inspire #creativity- setting the mindful focus of 25 min to write on 1 topic – lather, rinse, repeat

Note: I waited too long to capture my old tweets so there is a big gap here! ugh! Habits are difficult to start and maintain.

  • day 164 @elysa take a walk or a nap – that usually helps me get over the analysis and into #creativity!
  • day 167 found this treasure of Vincent van Gogh’s letters – cool!http://t.co/hmEqRGp
  • Interesting view of empathy with an existential twist (also fantastic presentation style) http://t.co/ES1gPSy#presentationyou#in
  • day 171 really making something from nothing today – designing a unique program of learning for a client #creativity
  • year of action and creativity – so far (new post) http://t.co/6td3ZiwHow are you doing on your new year’s evolution?
  • 196 another way I’ve learned to inspire #creativity in my work – getting into action! I challenge you! tinyurl.com/azione63
  • day196 #creativity the challenge works better when the link to the post works (blush) tinyurl.com/azione63
  • wow – day202 of the year of #creativity and I finally have a large project to show for it! #presentationyou.com 
  • day 206: Let’s get this week started with some #creativity – shall we? Who is doing morning pages with me today?
  • day 215: The power of being unplugged (try it 1 day a week – it’s powerful!) from @brainsonfire http://lnkd.in/qUhwdM #creativity
  • day 230: What would happen if you were open to all opportunities that you encountered? without judging? Go ahead – take that risk. #creativity
  • day 235: Bringing something new into existence #creativity. What will you create today?
  • day 238 #creativity exercise: take something that already exists and make it new and different by blending, adding, subtracting
  • day 262: breaking out of my own comfort zone (practicing what I coach) – #creativity in designing a new course for presentationyou.com

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