This ancient technology is bigger on the inside.

Books: the original TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space.) If you think about it, both technologies are bigger on the inside. It’s time to add to your reading list.

Books have the ability to transport the reader into a different time, space, or reality.  They hold endless power for and by readers and writers. And books have been around for thousands of years, it’s not a new technology. Question is, are you taking advantage of their power?

Between the covers of books I’ve experienced being transported into the front row of a master’s classroom; experienced out of this world adventures without leaving the comfort of my cozy chair; and had mind altering conversations with the authors dead and alive. What have you done this month?

Very unassuming on the shelf, books come to life once you open them and let the words flow. They mingle with your brain, imagination, and worldview forming a one of a kind experience. They are truly bigger on the inside.

Each time I open a book to page one, I can feel the anticipation building. What great adventure is ahead? How will the author challenge me? I know I’ll be a different person when the book is finished.

Every book, whether fiction or non-fiction, has an adventure waiting for you. The question is, are you ready?

The monthly reading list

Here’s what I’ve been reading so far this year and one take away from each book:

Turning Pro (kindle)

by Stephen Pressfield.

I’ve read this book several times and each time I get something new. If you’re considering being a  one-person business based upon any craft (not just writing) I highly recommend reading this book. The focus is on the mindset and the inner struggle, not the technicalities of business. The struggle is real and this book is a great reminder of the journey and the choices we each make along the way. This year I was reminded of the shadow career. It’s a sneaky little devil.

Atomic Habits (audible)

by James Clear

Honestly, I hesitated to start yet another book about habits. To say I’ve read about habits is an understatement. A quick look at my book shelves and you’d know why. It’s part of my current business (coaching) and my own life’s journey of continued improvement. What I liked about Clear’s approach is how he presented the data. It’s easily digestible  without sacrificing the science behind the approach. It was great to reinforce the messages of other authors he referenced (which I also appreciated.) I can’t say there was one thing that stood out, but rather the reminder of many things that need to become a habit.

A Kick in the Pants (paperback)

by Roger von Oech

This book is such a pleasant surprise! A creative professional recommended this book as part of a collaborative project. At first I was a little put off by the illustrations, but as I read it I realized the author was brilliant and witty – two of my favorite traits in a human. It focuses on the four roles of the creative process. Don’t be surprised if you see me expand on some of his ideas in future posts! I just wish this were available in ebook. I love to keep my library with me and this book is a keeper.

The Bullet Journal Method (kindle)

by Ryder Carroll

I resisted getting this book for fear it was simply a repeat of what’s on the bullet journal blog. That assumption couldn’t have been farther from the truth. This book is full of valuable exercises and a methodology to track your life and work. I tried the bullet journal method a year ago and gave up. I realized that I needed to read this book (it wasn’t yet published) before I could truly appreciate the approach. No, this approach is not for everyone. If you get only one thing form this book it’s worth your time and money, but I bet you’ll get much more.

Tinker Dabble Doodle Try (audible)

by Srini Pillay M.D.

I love the concept of balancing focused and unfocused time to unlock the power of our minds. I can say I personally experimented with this approach and found positive results almost immediately. The only drawback for me is the very technical and scientific nature in parts of the book. This is not a book to enjoy in audio format and I expect it would be better consumed in print or ebook format. Honestly, I’m still working through this one. I’d love to know your thoughts!

Have you noticed a trend in my book selection so far this year? I’ve been focused on productivity for myself and my clients. Are you surprised? January is one of those ‘fresh start’ months, and I’m always hitting the ground running. 

There is one more book I’d like to tell you about and I hope you’ll actually get a copy of this one (you’ll see why in a second.)

Sweet & Salty Words to Flavor Your Day.

by Linda DeLuca (yep, that’s me!)

The idea behind this book is to encourage choosing your attitude at any given moment. I wrote it for you and for myself. 

Wisdom comes in many flavors. Sometimes you need someone to give you a few words of encouragement (that’s the sweet part) and other times you kinda need a slap upside the head (that’s the salty part). You could think of this as having one version of me on each shoulder whispering into your ear. My clients tell me they already hear my voice in their heads when faced with questions or issues. I wonder if I should make this an audiobook? 

For now it’s available in print and ebook and I would love it if you would check it out.

More for your reading list

I’ll share more as I venture through my bookshelves and discover other gems. You may also like the reading list.

Have you found a book you want to recommend? Send me a note! I’m always looking for new (and old) books to feed my brain and soul.

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