12 Questions to aid Decision Making.

We make dozens of choices every day. Some small, others life changing.

Smaller choices often go unnoticed. What to have for breakfast, where to sit at the conference table, or when to answer that email.

When faced with a perceived life changing decision, our brains can go on lock down. Putting off a decision may be more harmful that making the wrong decision.

I’m a fan of the pros/cons list and have used the old-school yellow legal pad to brainstorm my list. But sometimes that’s not enough.

When I need help making a decision, I break out the powerful questions one by one. Usually after considering the fourth or fifth question, the choice becomes clear.

Here are 12 of those questions:

  1. What matters most to you in this situation?
  2. What’s important here?
  3. What are you responsible for? 
  4. What’s the cost in time, money, reputation, energy, or other resources?
  5. What if you didn’t do it?
  6. What dependencies does this project / decision / action have?
  7. Why haven’t you done this before?
  8. What’s within your control? What’s outside your control?
  9. What action will make the greatest difference?
  10. Are you listening to all contributors regardless of position / authority?
  11. Who is impacted by this decision?
  12. Is this a need or a want?

There are over 300 more questions available in the book Everyday Questions for Success – all designed poke your brain and get that brilliance out!